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Salski – Sagittarius A – Ready Mix Records

23-year-old Polish producer Salski showcases a deep progressive sound across the three tracks making up the ‘Sagittarius A E.P.’, where he displays a knack for intertwining space and melody in a rich tapestry of echoes and pulsating basslines. While the different tunes in the E.P. share some stylistic similarities, each one brings a different intensity and feel to the mix, which make it a varied and creative release.

Starting up the E.P. is the title track, ‘Sagittarius A’, a harmonious, sprawling prog-house stomper, deliberately paced to allow for the different tones and effects to interplay in the background while its haunting melody drifts along. The thick bassline provides a solid backbone for the driving groove, and the ample, open spaces created within the tune give it a truly cavernous sound.

Next is ‘Structure 61’, which begins with a jumpy beat and pulsating tones coming in and out of the scene, increasing the BPMs just enough to emphasize its edgy melody and give it a shot of energy. Like the track before it, ‘Structure 61’ also creates a sparse ambience, but this time it´s busier, thanks to echoing percussion and filled with electric tension. With the breakdown comes a momentary feeling of peace until the tune revs up again and carries the groove home.

‘Hourglass Nebula’, the final track, is the most chilled of the three. With delicate melodies and levitating pads, it offers respite and contemplation rather than the release of energy and constitutes a great opportunity to let the mind rest and wander. Laden with great effects and an on-point, thundering bassline, it´s a great way to finish up this collection, closing it with style.

The release is already out. Grab your copy here.

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