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Sam Jaspersohn: “It feels like my base level for happiness continues to rise”

Sam Jaspersohn is a Vermont-born DJ and producer who has built a strong following in the electronic music scene. He started making music as a teenager, building his first computer at the age of 15 to compose electronic music while also learning how to mix vinyl.

Over the years, Jaspersohn has gained recognition for his work, particularly for his track ‘Islands’, which was featured on John Digweed’s ‘Signals’ compilation in 2016. He has since released music on other major labels like Tenampa Recordings and Manjumasi Music, receiving support from industry heavyweights like Pete Tong, and Hernan Cattaneo,  among others.

In this interview, Jaspersohn discusses his latest remix for Mau & Saqib’s ‘Me Mira’, the challenges he faced during the production, and what he looks for in a track when considering a remix. He also talks about how his surroundings impact his music, having lived in both big cities and rural Vermont, and how he keeps himself entertained when not in the studio. Jaspersohn also shares insights on his current art project, ‘Resampled’, and what’s in store for his fans in the near future.

EG: Hi Sam! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us today. Where are you based right now? How have you been?

Sam Jaspersohn: Hello EG! Great to be back with you guys today. I’m currently living in Vermont, United States. We’re living up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. It has been a massive change of pace since leaving Los Angeles.

EG: Great to hear! So, congratulations on the release of your remix for Mau & Saqib’s new single, ‘Me Mira’? What has the initial reception been like?

Sam Jaspersohn: Thank you! So far, so good. Promo feedback has been to rolling in and friends are playing it out.

EG: What was it about ‘Me Mira’ that drew you in as a remixer? What do you usually look out for when analyzing a track for a potential remix? How do you know when you’ll be able to really bring in the “Sam Jaspersohn” vibes to a remix?

Sam Jaspersohn: Saqib played it for me this winter, and I instantly knew I wanted to remix it, and I had the main loop written in about 30 minutes. I tend to write rather quickly to get an idea down. For a remix, I’m usually looking for a melodic, chord, or vocal that I know I can expand upon. I want a track or loop that I could listen to endlessly, once that’s there, I flesh out the arrangement. The original tune needs to make me feel something – If not, then it’ll be a hard one to do anything special with.

EG: And what was the remix process like for ‘Me Mira’? Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced during the production? How did you overcome them?

Sam Jaspersohn: The remix process was a fun one. The biggest obstacle was my current workspace. It is a basement with weird (bad) acoustics. I am listening to tracks I know really well and seeing how they sound in this space to get a better handle on it all.

“My unsolicited advice for other artists is to focus on habits outside of the studio to further improve your studio work”

EG: This is not the first time you’ve worked with Saqib, right? How did you guys first connect?

Sam Jaspersohn: Our mutual friend, A-Kintero, invited us to play a radio show many years ago. I had finished my set with one of my tracks, and Saq apparently liked what he heard, and we got to talking. We hit it off and began writing, remixing, traveling and even doing a South American tour together. We both support and push each other as artists. I have a huge respect for his hustle.

EG: By the way, you have experienced creating in both; big cities and the nature that Vermont has to offer, right? How do settings impact your music?

Sam Jaspersohn: Living in Brooklyn meant being out every night – or, at least that’s what it felt like. It was incredible, but also kinda destructive. Moving to Los  Angeles was abrupt and disruptive initially, but ultimately positive.

When the pandemic hit, it was the opportunity to really slow down and re-think how I needed to exist. I started to change my routines and habits, both personally and musically. Slowly began to shed things like meat and alcohol and was taking classes to improve how I write. It feels like my base level for happiness continues to rise with less extreme highs and lows. My unsolicited advice for other artists is to focus on habits outside of the studio to further improve your studio work.

EG: How do you keep entertained when not in the studio? Are there any good new books, movies, or albums that you’d personally recommend?

Sam Jaspersohn: My break from studio work is creating art. The body of work I’m focused on is called ‘Resampled’. It’s large-scale, mixed media works that blend digital imagery and paintings. They reference the history of the world and where we are headed as humans. Every piece I Linish can be ‘sampled’ and put into another new work, so they build on each other infinitely. They are all still quite abstract, layered, and dark – quite techno really. That and spending time with my daughter, Anja.

“My break from studio work is creating art. The body of work I’m focused on is called ‘Resampled’. It’s large-scale, mixed media works that blend digital imagery and paintings”

EG: So, what can we expect from Sam Jaspersohn in the near future? Where can your fans catch you next?

Sam Jaspersohn: I just finished a two-track EP with vocalist Hannah Noelle. It’s somewhat of a departure for me and it was years in the making, but I’m incredibly proud of where it ended up. My wife is my biggest critic and she’s had it on repeat. We are working on doing Beats On Time showcases. Last but not least, ebb+Llow is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year.

EG: Thank you so much for your Sam! We wish you all the best. Take care!

Sam Jaspersohn: Anytime. Thanks for your support over the years and for EG’s furthering of our music culture. It’s been a pleasure.

Mau & Saqib’s ‘Me Mira’ featuring Sam Jaspersohn’s remix is out now via Beats On Time. Purchase your copy here.

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