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Santiago Garcia and Nandu debut collaborative track ‘Hurt Me’

Now available through S/GNATURE

Photo credit: Santiago Garcia / Nandu – Official

Argentinian DJ Santiago Garcia and Danish producer Nandu have collaborated for the first time on ‘Hurt Me’. This track is the second release from Garcia’s new S/GNATURE label.

‘Hurt Me’ debuted during Nandu’s Nordic Winter Hot Mix on BBC Radio 1 last December. The cut combines vibrant percussion, fluctuating basslines, eerie notes, and psychedelic synths, creating a captivating sonic journey.

Speaking about the collaboration, Santiago Garcia said, “This emotional collaboration with Nandu arose naturally from sharing years of musical knowledge and ideas. After several attempts, we were presented with the idea of using this unique topline, with the melodies and rhythm swiftly flowing from this. ‘Hurt Me’ is an appeal to preserve a relationship. It addresses the harm that emotional attachment can have, both physically and emotionally.”

Nandu added, “House music, at is core, needs soul. And that’s very much what I think we found in this track. The topline is a short outtake from a long piece of vocal, but we both thought that the soul was to be found in that particular cut, “Please don’t hurt me”.”

Listen to ‘Hurt Me’ below and download your copy here.

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