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Santiago Garcia And Upercent Launch New Label, Interpret

Santiago Garcia and Upercent launch new label, Interpret

The first release features a series of collaborations between both producers.

Santiago Garcia and Upercent, have just unveiled the dawn of their new label, Interpret. The talented DJ/Producers draw on their ‘personal and artistic connection, versatility on and off decks, and penchant for metaphors to foster a safe space for interpretation and canvas for symphonic expression’.

The first release to christen the new label comes in the shape of four collaboration between both Buenoa Aires-born Garcia and Valencia-born Upercent. Titled ‘Carrer Bonaire’, the EP features their new tracks ‘Discontrol’, ‘Bonaire’, ‘Sowell’, and ‘Moqueta’.

Listen to ‘Discontrol’ below and grab your copy here.

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