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Sapurra – K Dance – Shiza

Sapurra – K Dance – Shiza

This June 26, Russian label Shiza will release the K-Dance E.P., the latest from DJ and producer Sapurra. Two remixes from Defaultman and Anton Kubikov join the original track, comprising a musical journey that goes from ambient soundscapes to deep-house beats.

DJ and producer Sapurra (aka Sergey Sapunov), also from Russia, creates songs with a dark, loopy feel, mostly exploring the deeper side of techno, though also trying out other styles as well. Such is the case with K-Dance, a unique track that combines ambient textures with sunny breakbeats. A slowly progressing intro takes up half of the song, with multiple layered synth pads weaving an oscillating melody, held in place by a steady, simple shaker and snap rhythm. Once the beat kicks in, the pace picks up a little, but the track’s chilled mood remains intact until the end. With this production, Sapurra shows that he is capable of creating much more than pounding techno beats, that he can craft more intricate, melodic and laid-back music that nonetheless packs its own peculiar punch.

Remixes come from Defaultman and Anton Kubikov, each translating the sound of the original to the dance floor in their own way. Kubikov’s Dirty Sunrise Remix adds a solid rhythm track and a deep house vibe that work very well when grounding the heady synths that flutter and drone throughout the song, while Defaultman’s Binaural Shit Remix offers a spacier, lighter take that opens up the tune and gives it an almost ethereal quality.

In all, the E.P.’s three tracks come together to represent a very well-rounded and well-produced release, a record that has the potential to appeal to a wide range of electronic music lovers, from those who appreciate tasty, old school flavoured breaks to the ones who can’t get enough of the deep house sound.

The K-Dance E.P. will be released by Shiza on June 26, 2018, and it’s already on pre-sale on Beatport, so check it out and see which of its three cuts speaks more to your particular taste. Also, catch some of Sapurra’s mixes on his Soundcloud page to get a glimpse of the style and music selection he brings to the dance floor. You can also take a stroll by Shiza’s Beatport page to listen to their previous releases, and to keep up with any updates. They have only three releases to date (including the one reviewed here) but show promise thanks to a quality sound and very talented artists.

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