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Saqib selects his 10 favorite current tracks

Saqib is a DJ and producer based in Brooklyn, NYC. He is affiliated with BLOND:ISH’s Abracadabra, Holmar’s Acid Tourism, and NYC’s ebb + flow. Named one of 1001 Tracklist’s top 100 producers of 2021, Saqib is a dance-floor instigator with a unique musical background and singular ear for music, and producers and dancers alike will tell you that you can easily pick out a Saqib DJ set and a Saqib track from the rest.

Now, Saqib is behind the launch of his own Beats On Time imprint, and with it, the release of its first single, ‘Back To Black’.

To celebrate the release of ‘Back To Black’Saqib shares with EG his 10 favorite tracks of the moment:

“These are some of the tracks I have been playing out quite a bit recently, and a few of the producers I have been obsessing over. Lately, I have been really influenced by indie dance sounds and producers like Theus Mago, The Organism, Adam Ten, Kino Todo, Mita Gami, Red Axes, Cabizbajo, Sandhog, etc… something I’ve been searching for is dancefloor sounds with ENERGY! I tried to make this like a club set, starting slowly, building the energy, and then closing it out :)”

1. Mendo – Bonafique

“This is a new one out on Maccabi House, one of my all-time favorite labels. I love the slow-building groove of this track, it’s another one that just makes everybody groove so hard, it’s like a spell. I’ve been so obsessed with this song since I first heard it, literally walking around humming it and silently dancing to it day and night.”

2. Red Axes – Flawless (Club Mix)

“One of my favorite producer duos, Red Axes with vocalist ECHO. My background pre-dance music was in heavy metal and this track just goes all over there in such a club-friendly way; the vocals, the words, the vibe, the guitars, the energy.”

3. The Organism – Dictator

“I am so obsessed with this Ukrainian artist, The Organism. So grooving and quirky and weird and also just locks you in. It has that punk/metal, upbeat, moving vibe that I am so obsessed with lately. I really love everything by this artist.”

4. Pezzner – I Am You

Pezzner is a master producer and an artist who I have tried to emulate over the past few years. I love how simple this track is, well produced, and tells such a great story.”

5. Nhii – Closer ft. Shrii

“Absolutely hypnotized by the beat of this track. Such a solid and grooving bassline and this haunting beautiful vocal by Shrii. Every time I play this one, the dancefloor is hypnotized and locked into the groove.”

6. Sutja Gutierrez – I’m Wild, Oh I See (Theus Mago & Id!r Remix)

“Another great track to transition into the heaters, I love this sharp/ aggressive/ edgy/almost metal vibe and the overall dark energy of this jam so much.”

7. Sababa 5 & Yurika – Nasnusa (Kino Todo & Danelz Remix)

“This track is a bomb of all time, a modern classic. I have no idea where this vocal is from, or what language it is even, but it sings to something inside me. It has that old Bollywood film vibe and just such a sick groove. When I drop this one the floor turns ON!”

8. Lubelski, Life On Planets – Soothing Rhythms

“Two of my favorite artists, Life On Planets and Lubelski, together, on a deep and rolling groover. I really love the drums and the bass in this track and the way that it becomes more intense and kind of explodes at one point.”

9. Robag Wruhme – FIRE

“The name of this track says it all. An absolute HEATER! Robag is a master and this track literally lights the room on fire every time 100%, so sick!”

10. Saqib – Back To Black

“My edit of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’, that just came out on my new imprint Beats On Time on December 16th. This one has been doing really well on dance floors… everyone knows the lyrics to this song and it’s a great closer for a set and end of the night :)”

Saqib’s ‘Back To Black’ is out now via Beats On Time. Purchase your copy here.

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