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Sara Simms – Bronx – Simmetry Sounds

Sara Simms – Bronx – Simmetry Sounds

Jazz guitarist turned turntablist Sara Simms has made a name for herself with skills to thrill and a unique concoction of forward-thinking techno that never neglects its origins. Founder of Simmetry Sounds, Sara returns inspired by the subways of NYC, to her home for her latest single, the narcotic growler ‘Bronx’.

A locomotive from the offset, ‘Bronx’ sees Sara in top form as she crafts a hypnotic atmosphere built on rumbling low end growls, a most delicious rhythmic frame fueled by a guitar and neon blips. As the plot thickens, a classic vox line mumble spills ‘I’m out of control’, taking the track down the rabbit hole with it.

From this point onwards, the tracks blur in and out as the train blazes its trail at full throttle. The lead line sways and trumpet lines emerge, appearing and disappearing like fleeting figures in the windows of a derailing wagon, moving forward as the low end and kick thrash their way through in unstoppable fashion. By the time the strobe lights dim, and the dust settles, ‘Bronx’ makes sure you know Sara was there.

Listen to Sara Simms’ ‘Bronx’ below and grab your copy here.

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