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Sasha does the Late Night Tales series

By Daniel Cottin

For Welsh DJ, producer and house music legend Sasha, his contribution for the Late Night Tales Series, called Scene Delete, represents an outlet of sorts and a break in a career spanning over two decades and countless club nights and festivals around the world, along with a healthy number of original tracks, DJ mixes, remixes and collaborations.

Scene Delete was born, according to Sasha, after listening to Jon Hopkins´ Late Night Tales. Noticing similarities between the music from the set and some of the quieter tunes he´d been working on over the last two years, he decided to make a selection of his own for the series, editing and compiling the music he had laying around into what became a full album of original productions.

In Scene Delete, Sasha breaks away from the club crowd and explores the reaches of ambient and downtempo music, all the while retaining the touch for melody and flow he has on his DJ sets.

The album´s 21 tracks meld together into a virtually seamless whole, bringing moments of airy melodies (opener Channel deq), dramatic electronica (Time After Time, Shelter) and sun-drenched beats (View 2, Werewolf). It´s a very well put together collection of tunes that showcase Sasha´s versatility and production skills beyond the confines of the dance floor, an album that gives us a peek into the artist´s quieter side.

A numbered edition boxed set is available through the Late Night Tales´ website, which includes a triple white vinyl set, wav/mp3/flac download and many more goodies, limited to 500 copies.

Sasha will be playing Canada and the US West Coast through May, before leaving for Europe at the end of the month for the summer season. Check his website at for more info and updates.

Tracks like this kept building up, until finally last summer my frustration boiled over. We’d made so many tunes that I couldn’t remember the names of half of them: What was that thing with a bass sound and a string line? It drove me mental. At the same time as we were logging these tracks, I was listening to the Jon Hopkins’ Late Night Tales and I thought a lot of the music we’d been working on was in the same vibe. So I sent the music over to Late Night Tales and they really liked it”

Initially, I thought we’d just do a Late Night Tales compilation with maybe a few pieces of my own music. But as we went through everything we’d worked on in the last two years, we realized we had about 50 pieces of music. So we started editing and compiling: ‘Scene Delete’ is the end result.” he added.


01. Channel deq
02. View2
03. Baracus
04. Linepulse
05. Time After Time
06. Detour
07. Pontiac
08. Cassette Sessions D
09. Cassette Sessions E
10. Healer
11. Modcon
12. Scarpa Falls
13. Warewolf
14. Bring on the Night-time
15. Corvette
16. Shelter
17. Untitled 3
18. Abacus
19. Rooms
20. Broadcast
21. Vapour Trails

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