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Sasha soundtracks Leonardo da Vinci’s immersive experience

A creative journey through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci, today.

Last Night On Earth founder Sasha has shared via social media the news of his involvement in ‘Genius’, a completely new immersive and interactive art experience that sets the tone for the next generation of shows, based on the works of the historic figure of Leonardo da Vinci. The opening will take place in Berlin this January 28th.

‘Genius’ invites guests to revisit Leonardo’s inventions and ideas within a modern framework, find new meanings in them, reflect on your own talents and endeavors, and take a glimpse into the future.

‘It was very important to give each section of the show its own sonic identity but also make sure the show had a sound that worked as a whole,’ explains Sasha about his participation. ‘In the end, I was essentially given free rein to move between genres, instruments, sounds, and textures to write a score that hopefully respects da Vinci’s mind-bending, time-traveling, visionary genius.’

Check out Sasha’s post below, and learn more about the ‘Genius’ experience here.


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