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Satori Debut Album On Crosstown Rebels (Audio)

Satori debut album on Crosstown Rebels (Audio)

Entitled ‘Maktub’.

Damian Lazarus label Crosstown Rebels just revealed they are releasing latest Satori’s LP.

Catching worldwide attention the artist has delivered a twelve-track LP that is packed with deep spiritual music. The album includes a wide range of instruments as well as various production techniques.

“When recording this album, I rented a farm in Belgium and locked myself away. I disconnected from the world and was completely alone for one month, with only my music for company. I didn’t want to make ‘just an album’, with some cool beats and world music samples. It had to be an experience”- Satori

Following his latest EP on Lazarus label – Imani’s Dress – this new venture is no exception to pull listeners into an exotic world, blurring the lines between electronic and meditative music.

Satori’s ‘Maktub’ will be out October 20th on Crosstown Rebels.

Listen below the album’s minimix.

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