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Satori shines under the stars of Scorpios Mykonos

Satori presenting his live show is an opportunity that should never be missed, but when the venue is Scorpios Mykonos then you know you are in for a treat. This club has been building up its reputation for years now as one of the main players in Mykonos nightlife. Located in one of the most stunning corners of the Island, perfectly oriented for amazing sunsets every night, Scorpios is a magical place. And you can tell why Satori feels at home here, as this might be a perfect match for the ethereal atmospheres of his music.

Satori has been traveling and playing the world for a long time now, from South America to Asia, from Europe to Africa. The feeling is that, over the years, he has been inspired by all those places and different cultures, transferring all of this into his music.

The night was opened by Lannka with an engaging selection of melodious organic-laced deep house, an ideal introduction to what was coming next. He worked the way up to Satori, but it was a nice surprise to discover an inspired selector, able to capture the crowd with unexpected tunes and a nicely crafted mixing.

The atmosphere started to get more intense when the sun fell behind the island, up until Satori came up on the stage by opening up his show with ‘Tiniri’, from the 2020 album ‘RE:Imagined’. The crowd immediately connected with him, his voice and the charisma emanating from the stage. The Dutch artist led us through a journey of lush, gorgeous, and exotic melodies, where everybody could sense and appreciate the diverse background of this eclectic artist.

Satori has played music all his life, he was a kid when his sister – who then became a country and bluegrass musician – gifted him with his first guitar and they started creating music together. Then he became an eager electronic music passionate, raving at the rhythm of Dutch hard techno in his younger years. When he then decided to get into producing, he soon developed the idea of combining these two sides of his musical background. The old nostalgic world of his youth, the instrumental and melodic songwriting with his sister, together with electronic beats and dance music.


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Satoris’ shows then become something unique. Since he is not djing, he can only pick from a limited selection of his own music. In limitation, however, also comes inspiration, making every show a distinctive and unrepeatable trip into his world of playful house drums, oriental and Asian-influenced sounds, paired with ominous synthetics envelopes and groovy basslines.

His ability to switch from piano to flute and all in between, the mystical samples of acoustic guitars, violins, and chords, in general, gave the feeling of him being completely at ease in this environment, just as much as we did enjoy the show.

Satori’s relationship with Scorpios goes way back and he has admitted this being one of his favorite clubs to play in. This connection is testified once again by the recent collaboration with the venue’s in-house music label – Scorpios Music – where he did a remix for the latest release by Lannka called ‘Alhambra’, which you can listen below.

The night faded out, and after Satori, Lannka walked us again with his punching selection of melodious elements and vocalized tracks.

Listen to Lannka’s ‘Alhambra’ EP, including a Satori remix, out now via Scorpios Music, and grab your copy here.

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