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Scippo – Wave / Chase You – Hope Recordings

Scippo is a DJ & producer born in Rio Gallegos, and his sound is unmistakably Argentinian, melodic, deep, driving, and oozing of coolness. This shows with his previous work gracing some of progressive house’s finest labels, such as Sudbeat, Balance, and The Soundgarden. Now based in Barcelona, Scippo lands on Nick Warren’s Hope Recordings with the release of ‘Wave / Chase You’, a wonderous two-track affair that finds the producer soaring for new skies with a pristine and highly detailed sound.

Running on a  throbbing bassline and subtle percussion, ‘Wave’ finds Scippo treading with aplomb before a delectable set of bells lead up the path, uncovering iridescent grounds. Key changes in bassline shake things up as we start going up and down, interlocking in a majestic synchronized performance in tandem with the bells that draw captivating shapes in the air. It’s the equivalent of watching a murmuration free gliding, unpredictably, guided by an omniscient force of nature.

On the flipside, ‘Chase You’ is a perfect companion to the effervescent ‘Wave’. Built over a slithering bassline, mechanical percussive patterns lead the way as they evolve with expert layering when mysterious synths start to swell over the dark backdrop. Not before long, an enchanting siren call reaffirms our trek deep inside the search for connection, thrusting us down the rabbit hole and into a gorgeous breakdown where the picture really comes to life, as watered-down colors explode in the skies in an exquisitely heady trip.

Expanding upon Hope Recordings’ outstanding legacy, Scippo’s ‘Wave / Chase You’ is a masterclass in true progressive house. Interesting and livid throughout, these creations twist, turn, and breath with every beat,  constantly seeking to push the imagination while delivering a high dose of bliss.

Scippo’s ‘Wave / Chase You’ is out now via Hope Recordings. Purchase your copy here.  

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