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Sdietz lands on Prototype with ‘Echoes’

Out now.

Bilbao-born DJ & producer Sdietz is back on the dancefloors with his new ‘Echoes’ EP. The release signals his debut on the Brazilian imprint Prototype and is already available to stream and purchase across all major digital platforms.

The Spanish artist has been drawing the attention of the international scene for his dynamic sound built through striking melodies, deep elements, and bold grooves, having already been released by Awen Tales and Sinedie.

Now, he joins the ranks over at Prototype with a bold two-track EP. The lead cut combines bass and treble tones to create an immersive atmosphere, which gets even denser as the track progresses. On the flip side, ‘Under the Shadows’ bets on this sensorial climate, turning to melodic sounds and creating dramatic breaks in the melody.

Listen to Sdietz’s new ‘Echoes’ EP below, and purchase your copy of the single here.

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