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Secret Garden Party supports emerging talent with 350 artists

The festival pioneers a new approach to nurturing grassroots artists.

Photo credit: Matt Higgs

In a surprising decision, the UK festival Secret Garden Party has chosen to skip major headliners. Instead, the festival will use its resources to promote up-and-coming performers, giving them the exposure they need to grow. This supports the ‘Drop a Headliner’ initiative by Chai Wallahs and reinforces SGP’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent, a reputation it has upheld for 20 years.

The festival’s curated line-up includes over 350 artists, featuring acts like Unkle, Crystal Fighters, Chinchilla, Franky Wah, Carly Wilford, Adelphi Music Factory, and many others. Independent collectives such as Chai Wallahs, The Living Room, and Noiganica will also host dedicated venues to highlight diverse, grassroots live music.

SGP has consistently innovated with its programming and actively supported developing acts. In the past, the festival has hosted some of the industry’s most exciting talents, including global superstars like Florence & The Machine, The XX, and Regina Spektor.

Fred Fellowes, SGP’s founder, emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and talent development. He states, “We believe in being a breeding ground for talent to grow. Why allocate a massive budget to one or two headliners when it could fuel another 50 outstanding acts? This year’s focus is on providing grassroots artists the ability to shine, whilst actively redefining festival experiences for the future.”

Secret Garden Party also fosters grassroots creatives across multiple genres, including artwork, sculpture, immersive experiences, costumes, and performances from multi-talented individuals and groups.

For more information on the festival and to secure your tickets, click here.

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