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Secret Garden Returns With 8-bit Edition

Secret Garden returns with 8-bit edition

Miami’s Minimax collective has consistently worked tirelessly to foster and sustain a new type of nightlife experience in Miami.

Known for booking more than 200 international acts to play in major Miami clubs such as Mansion, The Electric Pickle and Treehouse, Minimax’s focus has always been on creating fun and interesting concepts, and then programming the music to fit that very same vibe.

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The amount of creativity at a Secret Garden event is a truly amazing experience! For the past three years it has brought together the best talent Miami has to offer, and since its inception, Minimax has stayed true to their motto of supporting local artists.

Head of the Minimax team Matt Ohashi told us, “We’re trying to cultivate new things, a community, looking to bring different kinds of music. In Miami, we’re pretty spoiled. We have amazing talent every week in multiple venues. We’re trying to do things with Minimax to set us apart from the crowd.”


Playing on the goal to provide immersive experiences, the latest Secret Garden theme encapsulates the 8-bit video game era, an era that spanned the late 1970s to the late 1980s where computing and video games became a part of people’s vocabulary, and in many cases lifestyles.  Today the 8-bit world is one of creative expression through visual artistry and not surprisingly, through music. Techno, Electro, and Dubstep musicians frequently incorporate 8-bit chiptune components into their music. What a perfect way to incorporate this into a Secret Garden event.

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So, on November 12th, the creative crew at Minimax invites us to follow them down Super Mario’s green pipe into a fluorescent 8-bit world. Music enthusiasts will enjoy the wide selection of curated musical artists as they play for you from atop the blocks of level 1-1. Witness the world of Pac-Man come to life as the Mr. and Mrs. outrun ghosts glowing under your feet. Dance beneath cubed stars and watch a Galaga ship take flight above you. And when you’re not dancing, boost your nostalgia with old school video games on projector screens and 8-bit inspired art. Join them as their popular glow party levels up!

As Secret Garden events continue their quest for providing the best in underground music experiences, it’s easy to be drawn in by their innovative concepts of the night. With a plethora of great local DJ talent, and the headliner of the night Lonely Boy, who will not disappoint with an exclusive live performance at the main stage. Minimax invites you to escape the hectic city life for a night and travel back to the 8-bit era while indulging in Miami’s finest musicians, along with great food, beer and drink offerings!

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