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Leathery blooms balloon before you, gargantuan in size and coated in a viscous ichor that seeps slowly from their pores and wafts gently to the ground in oozing droplets amidst the low gravity of this planetoid’s atmosphere. Upon the earth stained by this acrid fluid another fungus springs to life, spreading forth in fractal patterns composed of a multitude of microscopic cells. From the edges of this organism emanates a faint sibilant sound, resultant of its consumption of minerals from the rocky ground below.

Over millennia, it seems that these strange processes of life have carved great canyons into the landscape that stretches into the distance. As you peer into the background of the portal presented by the Vision Serpent, tiny veins of pristine blue waters glisten gently under the light of the planetoid’s dim sun, presenting a much more hospitable clime than that which surrounds the portal’s exit. Shall you step through to the other side, braving this alien world to seek the wonders promised amidst its distant cerulean streams?

8KICKS brings his latest single SAME THING to VISION SERPENT, delivering two original tracks and a remix by Reclaim & Uddhav through the label’s sonic portal. SAME THING’s swooping bassline dominates the listener’s ears as a vocal sample narrates a mystical experience, whilst its accompanying remix by Reclaim & Uddhav imbues the track with a sense of frenetic urgency. MOVING then closes the single, marching into the unknown in time with the steady snap of its snare drum. Together, these three tracks promise their sleek psytech secrets to all who heed the call of the VISION SERPENT.

Release date: February 23rd, 2024.


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