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Acrobat presents his latest single, ‘Tribe Vibe,’ dropping on his very own label, SoundFocus. This highly anticipated release, which promises to be the soundtrack of summer 2024, features Acrobat’s signature blend of jazzy house beats, creating an infectious and vibrant atmosphere that’s perfect for any summer gathering.

Acrobat has made a name for himself by headlining legendary underground parties on Koh Phangan island, including Guy’s Bay, Eden Garden, and LightHouse. His electrifying performances and unique sound have made him a staple in Asia’s vibrant electronic music scene, earning him a loyal following and high demand for his gigs across the globe.

Adding to the excitement of this release, ‘Tribe Vibe’ features a remix by Berlin-based DJ and producer DILBY. Known for his work with acclaimed labels such as 8bit, Saved, Crosstown Rebels, and Bondage, DILBY brings his own distinctive flair to the track, enhancing its appeal with a fresh, dynamic twist.

Release date: June 7th, 2024.


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