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Kicking off “Riythmica Travels 1” out on April 5, is “Animal From Your Mind,” a melodic house gem from the debuting duo Amnesis, hailing from Romania. With its dreamy vocals and breezy melody, the track exudes a sense of freedom and exploration, setting the perfect tone for the rest of the compilation.

Next, “Stoned Rider,” an infectious indie dance anthem from rising indie dance French talent  Rem’s Martinez that pulses with hypnotic energy. Perfect for late-night adventures and dancefloor escapades, this track takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey with its trippy lyrics and irresistible groove. Get ready to lose yourself in its pulsating rhythm and infectious beats.

Rounding out the release is “New Era,” a melodic house banger from Brazil’s  DUH PROJECT that packs a progressive punch featuring corroded vocals and a hypnotic kick; this track invites listeners to embrace the dawn of a new era filled with excitement and endless possibilities. It’s the perfect anthem for anyone ready to dance their way into the night.

01. Amnesis – Animal From Your Mind
02. Rem’s Martinez – Stoned Rider
03. DUH PROJECT – New Era

Cover Design:  Arbaboons

About Riythmica:
Riythmica showcases a carefully curated selection of electronic music, meticulously crafted to transport listeners to new dimensions. What sets Riythmica apart is its unwavering commitment to spotlighting new and emerging artists from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a melting pot of sounds that captivate the soul and ignite the dance floor.

Release date: April 5th, 2024.


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