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Top secret producer team ÅNDfØLK unveil their deep techno weapon ‘Type A’ (out 17 November via Caramel Records)

Picking up where they left off after their certified organic house cut ‘Katanuki’, back on a mission to give the dance music scene a jolt of energy, top secret producer team ÅNDfØLK unveil their deep techno weapon ‘Type A’, out on Caramel Records 17 November, already given 5 stars by the German producer Acid Pauli. Created soon after Skream’s banging 2022 set at DC10 in Ibiza, drawing its firepower from the trancey, arpeggiated vocal chop laid on top of an epic lower register, Type A is designed to be a visceral, chest-rattling experience that only dance music can give us.

The origins of ‘Type A’ date back to one of those you-had-to-be-there nights at DC10, an Ibiza institution best known for the long-running CircoLoco. “It was Skream playing a set of house and techno. It was just a wallop after wallop, like you were being punched in the face by amazing music – it was unstoppable,” ÅNDfØLK reminisces. “And so, to make a tune like that, just thinking about that room, if this tune had been played in that moment, just how well it would have fitted.”

“Type A was created after a very big night at DC10 in Ibiza. And quite a few of the different DJs that we’ve played it to, and this has happened on five occasions, all external to each other, have gone: ‘F**k, I’d love to hear this at DC10!’”ÅNDfØLK
That the track is deeply rooted in the club culture comes as no surprise. “You want the song to stand up on both sides. You want it to be great on the headphones,” ÅNDfØLK clarifies, quickly adding that for some things in life, there is no substitute. “When you’re in a club that can handle it, and there is so much sub/low end that you can feel it throughout your body. So, for us the ambition was to create something that people would love to hear on that type of sound system more than anything.”

As to why ‘Type A’ packs such a punch, there is an obvious reason. “What we did was arpeggiating the vocal chop in a way that we have and gating it and creating this static staccato rhythm that’s got a bit of swing and natural feel to it,” ÅNDfØLK explains the key decisions made behind the mixing desk. “Then every other element of the song gets built around that, and accentuating that, and the bass combined create the hypnotic feeling that makes you want to just continually dance.”

Ultimately, though, it’s the attitude that makes all the difference. This spirit at the core of ‘Type A’ is encapsulated by the star of the cover artwork, Biggie Smalls. “This cute little chihuahua has big balls and he thinks he’s a big, tough guy. There’s just something about the scrappiness of a chihuahua and their boldness.”

Release date: November 17th, 2023.


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