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From his upcoming album „Fought & Won“, the London and Canada based electronic music producer apaull releases his second, Abe Duque executive produced, single: Tight Dope. Dina Summer adds their indie dance take to this one. Take it to the dance floor where there definitely is no 2 meters of separation – sweat and live.

Photo Credit: Dave Clarke

Dina Summer is a band and live act based in Berlin, that is fronted by singer Dina P and includes Max Brudi, both from Local Suicide, as well as the producer Kalipo. Using just two synthesizers and one microphone, this new-wave trio have broken from sluggish conventions and catapulted themselves directly into a new age of dark disco. They released the acclaimed (and awesome) album ‘Rimini’, in 2022. It combines refreshing bursts of ambient synth-pop and gritty angst new-wave tracks into a very coherent and listenable piece of art. With their beguiling stage presence, Dina Summer manages to captivate as a live act at the clubs, stages, and festivals with grace.

Release date: October 13th, 2023.


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