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Argy (UK) is a well-known, outstanding producer and DJ in the techno scene. His latest EP, ‘Proper Rave Gear,’ released on Autektone, demonstrates his innovative approach to techno, featuring tracks that are sure to set any dance floor ablaze. With this release, Argy solidifies his reputation as a driving force in the techno world.

Further underscoring his ascent to the top tier of techno producers, Argy has recently released an EP on Kneaded Pains, signifying his increasing influence and talent within the genre.

His most recent single, ‘Deranged,’ released on WHIPBASS, is another impactful addition to his discography. True to form, Argy delivers razor-sharp techno, but this time, he introduces tempting female vocals complemented by heavy beats and mind-bending effects. ‘Deranged’ is a captivating and powerful testament to Argy’s evolving mastery of the techno realm.

Release date: December 6th, 2023.


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