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EGR is back with a new installment in its acclaimed Revelations VA series, and for our 13th edition, we are unveiling three absolute gems from deep within our coveted vault.

A most seductive entrance, Ricky Ryan’s Edit of Big Al, Deep Active Sound, Moe Turk’s Tactics sees the EGR maestro conjuring alluring hues over steady beats before unleashing an irresistible bassline for a dubbed-out affair that distills old-school flair throughout.

Upping the ante, the elusive Freedo Mosho presents us with his vision for Rory’s Nothing Is Trivial. Treading with aplomb, FM expertly weaves syncopated percussive patterns that drive us down into uncharted territory where a narcotic vibe takes a spellbinding hold.
On the last Revelation, Kaspar Tasane & Freedo Mosho link up for a rousing finale with Directional Bias. A unique hybrid, the collaboration expertly balances grit with a soft touch. The pair deliver bold beats, cavernous stabs, and resonating melodies bound to carve their way onto the dancefloor.

Release date: December 11th, 2023.



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