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What began as a series of visits to Barcelona and blossomed into a deep friendship, accompanied by countless nights of music shared with our dear friend DJ Kosmos, has culminated in the creation of a special 5-track ‘Various Artists’ EP. This EP serves as a vibrant showcase of the immense talent thriving within Barcelona’s music scene.

His EP showcases tracks from five of Barcelona’s most promising producers. The music seamlessly oscillates between techno and techier house vibes, maintaining a raw and hypnotic quality, mirroring the essence of the city itself. These are the sounds crafted for the most profound moments on the dancefloor when Spanish club enthusiasts are at the peak of their euphoria.

With three decades of DJing experience to his credit and the collaboration of the younger generation, DJ Kosmos has masterfully compiled the first of many releases we intend to work on together.

Release date: September 22nd, 2023.


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