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Following his Beatport Progressive No 1 chart-topping debut Road to Sarlant, also in their Top 10 global releases, Amsterdam-based producer Compass returns with Try Again released 26th July – a joyous house cut awash with nostalgic 90s synth and bass tones. Hailing from North-West England, multi-instrumental maestro Compass tells a story with every track, injecting emotion and destroying borders between genres. Try Again is a perfect example of his unique musical ethos.

Try Again starts with a driving house beat and an anthemic 90’s synth, catchy, cool and reminiscent of Björk at her early best and Faithless at their finest. Eight perfect bars to ready your ears for Molly Moonshine’s enchantingly melodic vocals; Michigan’s finest contemporary songstress carrying more than an echo of Madonna in her vocals. By now, you’re hooked! Before you’ve even drawn breath, Try Again opens further, taking you by the hand and flying you through the filter; spacey rave stabs wash in and out of the powerful, rhythmic bassline, as you journey through swirling pads, chopped vocal samples and melancholic synth plucks.

Try Again manages something very special: marrying a catchy, upbeat instrumental with heartfelt, expertly crafted lyrics. Uplifting yet melancholic, underground yet accessible, classic yet contemporary, Try Again’s nostalgic brilliance makes it a sure-fire sizzler. As the mercury rises this summer, expect to see people dancing to this one in festival fields, Balearic beaches, and dark, dirty dance floors across the planet.

Compass explains: “Try Again expresses the feeling of yearning, and the need to search for closure, when in the end, the closure you’ve been searching for is within yourself. This was something Molly Moonshine and I both experienced recently, but in very different ways – one through a breakup, and the other through a tragic passing. The self-realization creates a euphoric and hedonistic feeling, which is why we created an instrumental inspired by the heydays of 90’s hedonism, but with a modern feel, and lyrics that speak to the soul.”

Release date: July 30th, 2023.


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