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Larry OG:

Larry is a transition track, created some time ago, marking a specific moment of creativity. Its intention has always been to be light, although subtly, it conveys a message of loneliness—this feeling is cleverly masked by the cheerful timbres and playful nature of the track. It is a steady track with a prominent bassline and floating timbres. It’s great for maintaining the rhythm of the dance floor while still being a bit melting.

Milhouse’s new house:

This track is a collaboration with my long-time partner Bento Lautert and perfectly encapsulates a meeting point between our references and styles. It was the last addition to the EP, and I can’t imagine this story without it; it’s definitely one of my favorites. From minimal to progressive, Milhouse’s is dynamic and catchy, yet reflective.

Assim é bom tb:

This one definitely speaks to me the most… and represents the new. A new way of living, looking at different places, different people… there’s so much there that it’s hard to pinpoint where these references come from. It serves as a reminder. Things are not lost, and the world keeps turning! It carries elements from classical music like the piano to vocals and rhythms from Brazilian funk, breaks, and guitars. Another notable feature is the fusion of digital and analog timbres, resulting in a retro-futuristic aesthetic, which also contrasts with the idea of looking towards the new and the relationship between the future and the past.

The question:

First and foremost, this was an experiment. The timbres, except for the pad that enters midway, are all sampled from somewhere… a little cut and a pitch change created the initial base of “The question.” It conveys a sense of doubt, well represented by the main vocal (at least that’s how it feels coming from here).

Corte seco:

The name is self-explanatory; this one doesn’t beat around the bush, it’s straightforward with few ideas and no curve. The name Corte-seco was a find that symbolized both the track’s aesthetic within electronic music and the internal meaning of this abrupt cut for me. It features many scratches, vintage vocals, stabs, and a hefty bassline.

Release date: May 17th, 2024.


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