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The 5th installment in Duncan Forbes’ 49North EP series, sees 3 of his recently released originals – take on tantalising new forms.

Up first is D’s very own spin on his ambient, analogue stunner – ‘Continental Drift’; which, via his ‘Ode To All The Cosmic Disco Pixies’ – re-emerges in a far more club-oriented plain, whilst still retaining that signature, wide-eyed charm.

Following this, is ‘Strobe Dancer (Part Two)’ – Duncan’s sequel to his first ever full solo outing. And whilst it’s very much cloaked in the same spectral, unearthly atmosphere as it’s predecessor – this new chapter harbours a greater sense of urgency whilst dialling up the hypnotic a few notches as well.

And for the final half of this package – we return to EP3’s ‘Omnite’. Firstly, via a brand new Denham Audio rework, where on this occasion they lead Duncan’s original into raw, sub-fuelled Junglist territory; that is before the genre-shunning Ryan James Ford flips the production emphatically on its head – delivering a quite extraordinary slab of Aphex-flavoured Techno psychedelia.

Release date: April 1st, 2022.


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