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In recent years, Dzc. has emerged as a highly sought-after DJ, leaving her mark in Austria with performances at numerous venues.

As a key member of the Acid Lambada crew, she has been featured in well-established curated festivals and events, both locally and internationally.

Her productions mirror her passion for synth-driven dance music, characterized by dreamy pads and playful melodies.

No stranger to Fortunea Records, having already been featured in two editions of the Fortunea Cookies VA- Series, she is set to present her first 4-track EP in February.

The ‘Conversations with Birds’ EP is a meticulously balanced collection of tracks designed for each phase of a club night.

Drawing inspiration from elements of 90s House and progressive sounds, ‘Visual Mind’ and ‘In Sight’ are dreamlike journeys with lively synth melodies, joyful basslines, and captivating pads and textures. The latter has also been reworked by Fortunea regular Peletronic, infusing crisp minimalistic rhythms into his ‘Blurred Vision’ Mix.

The standout piece of the EP is the title track on the B-side, a beautiful composition that elicits uplifting moments and feelings of euphoria. It features emotive chords, airy strings, and soothing sustained tones that enhance the powerful groove.

The record promises to immerse listeners in an engaging journey that captures Dzc.’s distinctive vision.

‘Conversations with Birds’ will be digitally released on February 22, followed shortly by a limited vinyl edition.

Release date: February 23rd, 2024.


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