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A long lost piece of arpeggiated electronic noir from the unfinished movie ‘Escape From The East Midlands’ – the unsuccessful final part of the sadly unfinished trilogy that included the cult ‘New York’ and ‘L.A.’ editions. Filming was shelved mainly due to Kurt Russel’s inability to master the tricky Nottingham dialect but local producer Ex-Friendly has managed to salvage a previously unreleased memory that hopefully dulls the pain somewhat for cinephiles.

A little bit Italo, a little bit 90’s Warp Records with a nod towards the L.A. Beats Scene, ‘The Tunnel’ is a melancholic, vibey, and claustrophobic track containing just enough romantic promise to suggest a happy ending. Lovingly restored from a partially burned hard drive with final mastering by ace producer K. Thomson and completed by mind-bending artwork from the AI mystic

Release date: September 22nd, 2023.


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