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Number three out of four singles paving the way to Fabian Krooss’ newest album release, here’s ‘Your Soul’ EP, a banging two-track slab brimming with the hi-NRG punch and out-there funkiness to keep any dance floor in check. True to the laid-back groove savoir-faire and genre-unbound eclecticism that’s come to define his sound, ‘Your Soul’ is Krooss material at its most resilient and positive-minded.

01. Fabian Krooss – Your Soul
02. Fabian Krooss – Manaki

Artwork: Lisa Ghio

First in queue, the lead single pulls out a bass-heavy chassis mounted with playful EBM synths’ firepower, nostalgic riffs and orient-flavoured melodic flights, injecting a sense of spiritual elevation to its solid club-ready engineering. Proper fun-loving boogie laced with that no-frills jacking house potential to whip dance floors up into a frenzy. Second cut ‘Manaki’ goes a further jagged route, as Krooss draws further deep into the Italo style, infusing his solar-powered arps and brittle piano chords within a thick FX gravy. A dynamic port of entry into Krooss’ dreamy and polyamorous sound multiverse.

Release date: February 16th, 2024.


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