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Back to the fold with the first extract taken from his upcoming debut album on A Tribe Called Kotori, Fabian Krooss takes us to a delicate and transporting headspace with his twofold single, “Oh Darlin'”. Infused with laid-back Chicagoan rhythms and feelgood Afro soulfulness, this opening brace of cuts from the German producer weaves solar-powered sensitivity with vaporous floor dynamics to a hypnotic effect. An ode to impro and the free-flowing power of gut instinct, Krooss’ newest offering translates thousands of places, feelings, moments and encounters into a buoyant melting-pot of debonair grooviness. “Producing has a meditative and balancing effect on me” Krooss says, and it shines through in these, as we’re taken on a seamless ride up serene moodscapes and ethereal club-ready apexes.

A track that “captures my musical vision like no other” in Krooss’ admission, “Oh Darlin'” oozes a cross-pollinating elixir of hi-NRG house and folk-informed downtempo, gracefully threading its way in limbo between proper DJ-friendly functionality and loungey hedonism. Composed earlier this year and refined over the summer, “Oh Darlin'” stacks positive energies and beams them across the room like a vital call to channel the good vibes and move in the direction of love and unity. The second track, “Staring”, written in collaboration with Samaha during his stay in Seattle in March 2023, engineers a nice mix of both artists’ distinct melodic universes, while encapsulating memories from Krooss’ journey in North America. A further balmy slice of atmospheric electronica tinged with hints of dream-pop and Balearic house, “Staring” cruises at its own tranquil pace across color-shifting horizons and gently jagged reliefs, ready to soak up full sound systems with its soothing, poetic funk. Lush as it gets.

Release date:  December 1st, 2023.


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