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Our relationship with the characters in this release is 100% the result of the existence of a global community of dance music.

Vivi Seixas has been one of the muses of the Rio de Janeiro House scene since the days of Frenetik Crew (2009), but it was the foreigner Jay West who was responsible for our meeting.

He told us that American Mike Frugaletti would come to Rio de Janeiro, at the time Mike was a partner of Joey Youngman in the Special Forces project. Youngman was the owner of one of our favorite labels, Fetish. As soon as we could, we brought Mike to play at our party, and he came with his Brazilian wife, Vivi Seixas. It was his first gig in Brazil. Mike and Vivi are now good friends, but our friendship has endured.

Cut to 2023, right after Vivi’s recent interview for our show, she told us about a concert she had attended and was completely ecstatic about the message and energy of the music. She was certain that she wanted to produce the artist, she wanted a partner, and here we are, six months later!

She brought the guy to our studio, but before that, she armed us with incredible references of the artist for his future album. The songs flowed instantly in the studio, and the first one, “Caixa Craniana,” is a (very) magnetic resonance of Fausto Borel Cardoso’s restless and brilliant mind, more popularly known as Fausto Fawcett.

Fausto Fawcett is the author of two of the biggest hits from Rio de Janeiro in the 90s, “Katia Flavia” and “Rio 40 Graus”.
“Katia Flavia” is featured in the soundtracks of “Tropa de Elite” and Roman Polanski’s film “Bitter Moon”.
Rio 40 graus it’s a kind of carioca anthem in the voice of Fernanda Abreu.

His performative and experimental work made Fausto Fawcett a prominent figure in rap rock and cyberpunk literature in Brazil. He emerged in the Rio de Janeiro nightlife with performances that blended theater, music, and poetry.

In addition to the original version that will be part of Fausto Fawcett’s upcoming album, we have created two remixes: the Aureum Remix, showcasing our vision for the new dance music scene in Rio de Janeiro, and the Don Renato Ratier Remix.

Renato Ratier is a central figure in the development of the club scene in Brazil. He is the owner and founder of one of the most important clubs in the history of global electronic music, D-EDGE São Paulo, which has just celebrated its 23rd anniversary. He recently opened the super club “Surreal” in Santa Catarina, in the southern region of Brazil, which is one of the largest clubs in the world. The inauguration of D-EDGE Rio de Janeiro is also scheduled for this year, making him the biggest player in the club scene in South America and one of the most innovative and influential entrepreneurs in the global scene.

In addition to his entrepreneurial side, Renato is one of the most sought-after DJs in the Brazilian scene and will be on a European tour this summer. He is a regular presence in the best clubs and biggest festivals on the planet such as Tomorrowland, DGTL, Exit, BPM, EDC, Melt, Hï Ibiza, Amnesia, Womb, among countless others. Over his 28-year career, he has developed a strong and distinctive sound that is perfect for peak time wherever he goes. With two albums released and releases on the most prestigious global labels, it is a great honor to have his remix of “Caixa Craniana,” an intense house track ready for the most critical moments of his performances.

**Bruce Leroys** **Aureum A&R**

*****”Like most teenagers born in the early 80s, I really enjoyed the songs “Kátia Flávia” and “Rio 40 Graus” and authored by Fausto Fawcett /Laufer. I could never have imagined that I would have the happiness of being invited by this prophet of chaos and produce an original electronic track.
My joy is completed with the partnership of Bruce Leroy’s friends who agreed to embark with me on this journey into the ‘Cranial Box’ of this genius that is Fausto”.

**Vivi Seixas, Rio de Janeiro, August 2023.**

***** The head inside the skull beats, rebounds, processes, and transforms the said reality into a mutant mosaic of impressions, sensations, sensual, and sensory captures generating hormonal reactions nicknamed feelings, generating imagination, generating memory generating the direct connection called mind, still a mystery of how it works. And what energizes all this? Synapses, are short electrical circuits between neurons. And what music better translates this pulsation of the most important viscera relating to all the others that make the organic machine circulate around? Electronics. And of course, Marshal and Fender, amplifier and guitar, inaugurated the electrical connection increasing what this vehicle called music provides which is to take you to soundscapes that are inhabited by feelings and sensations, and all this is triggered in the back of the mind, floating in a vault of synapses, in the cranial black box. Of course, marshal rock, fender blues, marshal reggae, and fender country inaugurated plugging in as a synonym for electrostatic Macomb calling, conjuring energy for the sake of fun or any kind of emotion or perspiration. If you don’t plug in the primitive doesn’t come, if you don’t plug in the pulse doesn’t increase. Along with amplifiers and guitars came all the experimentalists, all the electro acousticians, all the Kraftwerk, all the sound engineers, and inventors of musical gadgets amalgamated with electronic equipment. And the speeds, the sparks, the heartbeats of the mind that make it circulate, that make it dance, that make it think, that makes the organism of the human being work has gained its translation, its festive or contemplative musical version depending on what you want to hear, on what wave of musical enjoyment you want to surf. Electronic conjuration. Cranial Cage Head is a tribute to all of the above. The lyrics speak precisely of this aspect of direct connection with the world, transforming everything into a mosaic of connections, because the head, the mind is greedy in terms of capture, it wants to capture, capture, and account for everything that is not possible but the grace and the hallucinated attempt to. Moreover, everyone has in their backbone, in their brain apparatus millions of years of evolution or whatever name you want to give to our biochemical road on this planet. The mind, the brain, and the head are the black box of everything. Of civilization and barbarism, of the organic and mental history that feeds and torments us. Electronic music makes it all dance, shaking the skeleton, shaking the aura, chilling the dermis, the hypodermis, and the skin of the animal spirit nudged by the socket turning on, increasing the pulse. If it doesn’t turn on, the primitive won’t come. For a long time, I wanted to work with an electronic music group. For a long time, I had been watching Vivi Seixas to see if there was a chance of a partnership. I met Vivi at a jazz event and I started to attack the invitation that she accepted and, in addition, introduced me to this duo of sensational musicians / DJs partners and co-workers who are Marcelo Abreu and Diogo Vaille. And what I also liked was the fact that we had to work in Niterói where they have a studio. I hadn’t been to the other side of the bridge in a while. And it was no different. Total understanding from the lyrics I showed, from some references and they generated this petard that will give work. Cabeça Jaula Craniana.
**Fausto Fawcett, Rio de Janeiro, August 2023**

Release date: August 25th, 2023.


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