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Introducing Fec to Renaissance Records with his debut, ‘It Happens At Night’.

And justifiably so; following a successful remix of Samar Soltan’s ‘Damar’ last year, it was only right the label got him back! The Mexican DJ and producer arrives with a great track record having previously released with big names such as Sum Over Histories and Anathema Records, picking-up support from the likes of Dixon, Âme, Frankey & Sandrino, Jepe, Argia, Elif, SKALA, Mëhill and Yet More to name but a few.

The 3 track EP combines Fec’s signature, twisted-house sound with a modish Detroit-inspired edge that perfectly unites the futuristic best of global dance as we head into 2024. Lead track ‘Nocturne Danza’ and ‘Nightfall Spell’ provide the 4/4 drama, whilst ‘Midnight Medicine’ lets the strings unwind, a perfect exponent of laidback, electronica cool.

Belt up and enjoy the ride!

If you play the track out please send all footage (preferably in portrait) to We’d love to consider it for social sharing on our IG with the usual credit / associated tag

Release date:  February 9th, 2024.


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