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‘Primavera Cabriolet,‘ the inaugural album by the talented Italian artist, Fibonnacci, presented by LOT Records.

Prepare to be swept away by a quartet of mesmerizing tracks that intricately weave together a tapestry of rich, minimal sounds and atmospheric layers, reflecting the diverse influences that have shaped Fibonnacci’s music.

This captivating release is a fusion of classic rominimal house beats with industrial undertones, adorned with resounding noises, expansive pads, and uplifting chords. ‘Primavera’ paints a sonic canvas that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of summer, tailor-made for those euphoric after-party moments.

Anticipate enthralling rhythms, immersive soundscapes, and innovative musical crescendos across each unique composition. Step into the journey with ‘Panorama 1986,’ the album’s opening masterpiece. It’s a powerhouse track that boasts a compelling bassline, enigmatic pads, and hints of hip-hop vocals, setting the stage for an electrifying sonic adventure.

Next, ‘il Viaggiatore,’ the second track, emerges as a dancefloor anthem. Its pulsating bassline, driving beats, and harmonious fusion of vocals with retro piano and pads form an irresistible groove, perfectly suited for peak-time revelry or after-party indulgence. ‘Hôtel Casablanca’ exudes a delightful, feel-good aura.

A delightful blend of industrial elements, crisp rominimal beats, and a deep, melodious tune creates an irresistible fusion that is sure to set feet in motion and spread smiles. This track has already earned high praise and is a must-listen for all. Rounding off the album with finesse, ‘Discoteca Paradiso’ delivers an iconic rominimal experience. With classic kicks, hats, and industrial nuances, combined with nostalgic pads and vocals, it invokes the essence of the end of the night or the dawn of a new adventure— embracing diverse perspectives within the dance music realm. Fibonnacci’s ‘Primavera Cabriolet’ promises a spellbinding and deeply immersive experience. Let this musical expedition captivate your senses and transport you.

Release date: February 2nd, 2024.


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