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Damian Lazarus’ Rebellion label celebrates its 100th release with Francesca Lombardo’s four- track EP ‘Synthesize’.

Since launching in 2011, Crosstown Rebels’ sub-label Rebbellion has consistently served as a platform for introducing emerging talents and more established talent to the house and techno realm, playing a pivotal part in the careers of rising stars and international names. As the label prepares for its landmark 100th release, Francesca Lombardo brings her vibrant sound spanning an impressive back-catalogue of music on esteemed labels like Ovum, Crosstown Rebels, Mobilee, and her own Echoe and Echolette imprints, among others. Known for her distinctive blend of dreamy soundscapes, stirring melodies and hypnotic rhythms, Lombardo now impresses with her rich four-track EP ‘Synthesize’.

“It’s no secret that I love melodies in my music. This EP was entirely inspired by cosmic movements. I have explored different synthezisers in my studio to make those sounds move like an object in a dark universe.” Francesca Lombardo.

Leading the release is ‘Synthesize’, delivering a symphony of ethereal synth tones, crisp beats, and cosmic bleeps, creating pure dancefloor hypnotism. The alternative version adds moodier textures with dense pads and female echoes working in harmony, while ‘Another Spin Around The Sun’ lives up to its title, featuring spiraling galactic chimes that evolve alongside sharp percussive elements. Closing out the release, ‘Through The Moon’s Shadow’ draws melodic and transcendental sounds, once again spotlighting Lombardo’s futuristic mastery.

Francesca Lombardo ‘Synthesize’ EP drops via Rebellion on 1st December 2023.

Release date: December 1st, 2023.


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