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LA-based production duo Freddy Be & Savi Leon mark the 31st release for Monday Social with “Say What You Wanna Say,” a thrilling reimagining of their 2018 Selador track, paying homage to the classic “Datar – B” sample.

Renowned for their dance-floor prowess, these seasoned DJs and producers bring decades of experience to their collaborations, resulting in a distinctive blend of house, tech, and deep organic sounds. The track exudes a warm and seductive groove, featuring rolling basslines, smooth percussions, dreamy synths, and hypnotic vocals reminiscent of the late 1990s underground scene.

On the flip side, Berlin-based producer Gorge, known for pushing electronic music boundaries, provides a masterful remix that artfully integrates mischievous drums, swirling synths, and a captivating bass line, creating a deep and unique soundscape while maintaining the essence of the original. It’s a classic 8-Bit Gorge dance-floor groover that adds a fresh spin to the original track.

Release date: September 22nd, 2023.


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