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Fx Logik is a respected American DJ/producer who has made a name for himself in the EDM scene, particularly in the sub-genre of Speed Garage. He hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, and began DJing in the early 2000s. He was discovered by DJ Phat Fingerz in the UK, who released his first vinyl record, “Quit Actin,” on Breakthru Records. This record featured a remix of the hit radio single “Quit Actin” by Ray J, R. Kelly, and Shorty Mac, which was featured on the US Billboard Charting album Raydiation.

Following the success of the Speed Garage remix of “Quit Actin,” Fx went on to release numerous other tracks and recorded DJ mixes on various UK-based labels for vinyl releases, CD packs, and digital releases for other labels from around the world. In 2007, Fx Logik was billed as the #1 Speed Garage Producer/DJ in North America for a Canadian tour. After his return to Las Vegas, Logik teamed up with DJ Parallax out of Boston and started up the world’s only vinyl distribution company in America aimed at exclusively serving Speed Garage records in record shops across the US.

Fx Logik is married to a prolific Drum & Bass DJ by the name of Madam Filth, and together they have years of involvement in organizing dance music events that promote Speed Garage and Drum & Bass. As a ritual, when opening the doors at the start of many of their events, Fx would begin the night with the first song of the night to be heard being a track that he produced called: This is Bass Country. The track was quickly signed by Canadian label boss DJ Titus1 to Orphan Music and released in 2015.

Today, Fx Logik is still pushing the boundaries of Speed Garage, such as with the release of his new track “Back to You” on Dumb Safari, featuring an exclusive remix from Huxley, a true house legend. Fx is also spearheading Warp Speed Music, a US-based record label dedicated to showcasing artists from around the world who share the same passion for dance music built around the foundation of Warp Bass sounds and Speed Garage styles. Through his music and his work as an organizer and distributor, Fx Logik continues to make a significant impact on the music industry and inspire others to explore the possibilities of bass-heavy Garage music.

Release date: September 15th, 2023.


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