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Gameboyz, the revered Spanish new techno pioneers, have once again proven their prowess with their latest EP, “Breaks to Laugh,” a mesmerizing collection of tracks that showcases their mastery of genre fusion and knack for captivating electronic soundscapes. Since their inception in 2012, Gameboyz has consistently pushed boundaries and taken their listeners on sonic journeys, and this EP is no exception.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Breaks to Laugh,” a high-energy electro anthem that seamlessly blends elements of Italo music with modern techno sensibilities. The enigmatic voices that interlace throughout the track create an entrancing atmosphere as if beckoning the audience to embrace the sheer euphoria of the music. The pitched-down synthesizers build an otherworldly soundscape that evolves into a rave frenzy, making it an instant dancefloor classic.

The second track, “IUSEX,” delves even deeper into the realm of house, but with the distinctive Gameboyz twist. Here, the duo showcases their ability to create a sonic experience that is both club-oriented and cutting-edge. The intricate layers of sound and pulsating basslines intertwine seamlessly, resulting in a track that is as infectious as it is hypnotic.

The EP takes a thrilling turn with the remixes of “IUSEX” by Argentinian newcomer Ricardo Ruben and Swedish rising star Elfenberg. Ricardo Ruben infuses his unique essence into the track, transforming it into a diving subconscious dance, mixed with hypnotic cowbells and a bassline that keep the energy flowing throughout, making it a standout addition to the EP. Elfenberg’s remix, on the other hand, brings an acid-rave touch to the table. The result is a track that reverberates with an electrifying intensity, played with atmospheric pads showcasing the artist’s ability to create a dream dance euphoria through his sounds.

This EP is a must-listen for techno enthusiasts, dance music aficionados, and anyone looking for an immersive sonic experience that seamlessly merges the past, present, and future of Gameboyz electronic music. With their continued exploration of sound and their ability to craft tracks that captivate from start to finish, Gameboyz solidifies their status in the global music scene.

01. Gameboyz – Breaks to laugh
02. Gameboyz – IUSEX
03. Gameboyz – Breaks to laugh (Elfenberg Remix)
04. Gameboyz – IUSEX (Ricardo Ruben Remix)

Produced by: Gameboyz
Art by: Nicolás Ramirez
Mastered at: Submarea Studios

Release date: October 6th, 2023.


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