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Hypnotic is a melodic odyssey that transcends the ordinary, guiding you into a realm of minimalistic wonder.

Envision the dance floor, bathed in subdued light, a canvas upon which Günther weaves his sonic tapestry. A dance floor alive with anticipation, a collective heartbeat building in unison as the night unfolds in a hypnotic trance.

A slow build towards euphoria, the art of minimalism taking center stage, allowing each beat to resonate deeply within, gradually building an indomitable force that pulls you into a captivating dance of movement and harmony.

“Hypnotic” is the epitome of musical enchantment, inviting you to surrender to its spell. Each note is a brushstroke in an evolving masterpiece, each beat a heartbeat that echoes through the night. Günther’s second release is an invitation to connect, to let the music guide you into a trance where the world fades, and only the melody remains, captivating and entrancing.

This is the power of Gunther Heil’s musical artistry.

Release date: October 20th, 2023.


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