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In May 2020 Cocoon Recordings released the third album of Harald Björk. With the club scene on Covid-hold, tours canceled, and all of our favorite DJs locked up at home, not the optimal conditions to release an album on an nr.1 worldwide club empire as Cocoon. However, we decided not to let a virus kill our beloved culture, as Mr. Sven Väth put it. I would like to share with you the album of Harald Björk… which has soothed me and I hope will also give you a soundtrack for these uneasy days“. It felt right to release it.

The release was shrunk from a thought vinyl box to a digital release with future plans on vinyl. However, covid decided to stay as time went by. The queue at the vinyl factories didn’t make the process easier… But at one point the dream factory of Kranglan Broadcast decided, enough! , the world has to keep on dreaming. And what is a better way to embrace dreams than to release a vinyl full of dreamers, groundbreaking in their corners
of the electronic umbrella? Dreamers are doing their thing, not even looking at the norm or the recent hype.

The 12“ vinyl comes with a fresh re-master of album single Medan Du Sov and an unreleased bonus track, Drifting, a Balearic Sundazed love story. Kranglan Broadcast is overwhelmed and proud to give you Drifting, yet another release bringing dreamers together on techno vinyl!

Release date: June 10th, 2022.


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