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There goes the second and final instalment of Hidden Empire’s latest diptych release, ‘Amount of Rate’. Full with the throbbing electronics of their most out-there pieces and repurposed mystic vibes to have you zoning out full-mode when the break kicks in, this new effort has dance floor-electrifier written all over it.

If the dystopian title-track ‘Amount of Rate’ lives up to the hype its title suggests, running the gamut from hi-velocity Italo drive to full-fledged electro techno on a mission, the further brooding ‘Algorithmic Future’ sets its sight on more intricate modular-like mind-games, showcasing the duo’s implacable know-how when it comes to building darkness-clad peak-time weapons both openly aggressive and transporting to the full. Taking us on an even wilder ride into outer space, ‘Hyperdrive’ tops it all off on a sci-fi-friendly note, where the spaciousness of Hidden Empire’s sound design and their unabashedly epic take concertina into a monster tsunami of sorts, set to blast its insane amounts of energy with full-force.

Release date: February 9th, 2024.


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