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Melodic techno producer Jickow presents his latest release, ‘Escapism / Echoes,’ a 2-track EP that showcases his signature style of deep and emotive techno. With this EP, Jickow has once again proven his mastery in creating soundscapes that resonate with listeners on a visceral level. The Marseille native’s ability to blend melody, rhythm, and atmosphere into a cohesive whole is on full display with this EP. Fans of melodic techno will find much to love here, while newcomers will discover a fresh and exciting sound that is both emotive and dancefloor-friendly.

‘Echoes’ takes us on an uplifting journey with its soaring synths and driving beat. The melody evokes a sense of hope and triumph, while the intricate percussion creates a sense of movement and progression. An ode to the parties hosted at Ibiza’s prolific underground club DC10, the track aims to encapsulate the essence of its legendary clubbing experience.

“Escapism / Echoes” is out Friday, June 9th.

Release date: June 9th, 2023.


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