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Joseph Julien’s label, Kre81 (Pronounced Create One) Records, is back with its 4th official release. The Canadian artist returns with his new track ‘Reflection Of Us’ available on September 18th 2022 through various music platforms around the world.

‘Reflection Of Us’ is a song written on the idea of looking back and cherishing what we once had. A copy of old childhood photos is what sparked the idea for the song. The brand-new single brings euphoria to dance, as its warm sounds embrace you and pull you in. The synth-driven track really puts you in a state of trance, all while it keeps you dancing with the rhythm of an underground show. Once the dancing goes down a notch you’re brought to a breakdown that really captures the pure raw emotion of not having that moment forever. It’s always a plus when the music makes you feel something. With his pattern of releases you’re starting to see similarities to the songs released on KRE81, they all have their own story.

The melodic techno producer recently announced that his intention is to release more on the label in the new year. Keep your eyes and ears out for the Canadian producer.

Release date: September 18th, 2022.


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