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Justin Marchacos debuts on KATERMUKKE with Conviction

Justin’s 4-tracker EP Conviction is a collection of dance floor-tested, no-nonsense bangers with complex melodies, driving basslines, and powerful beats. Each track is powerful, mesmerizing, and usable in a variety of situations, captivating and transcendent to the listener. There are no weak links in this release- each song shines and will hold up effortlessly to the test of time.

Justin not only captivates with his solo tracks but also collaborates with Apir, on “Quest for the Crown.” Apir is the alter-ego of Tim Green, a moniker that allows him the flexibility of expression, exploring darker and tougher sounds, while still maintaining the strong melodics and excellent production quality that people have come to expect from Tim. It’s a sound that melds perfectly with Justin Marchacos’ aesthetic. This remarkable track got a further special touch by an amazing Sascha Cawa Remix.

Justin Marchacos is a powerhouse composer, producer, and performer whose roots originate in film. He spent much of his early musical career writing scores for multiple award-winning movies before shifting into the world of melodic house and techno. His experience with big emotional moments in movie soundtracks translated seamlessly into his unique style of productions, composed of energetic, bassline-driven, dancefloor-smashing, mind-blowing grooves and melodies that light up every crowd he performs for.
Conviction will be available on all major streaming platforms and for digital download from 28 September 2023.

Release date: September 29th, 2023.


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