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Kate Stein carves out her own sonic lane with her dark, voyeuristic trademark production style. Her incredible performances (in iconic venues such as Bar Americas Guadalajara, Mexico, NYC mainstay Goodroom, and The Brooklyn Mirage) are met with a devoted response.

Kate Stein’s latest cerebral indie-dance masterpiece, the Mentalphysics EP is released on Rotten City Records (17th November Beatport exclusive, and 1st December all other platforms) Kate’s ethos of self-expression and dance floor liberation leads dancers through captivating soundscapes on two original cuts and a bumper selection of reworks.

The title track, Mentalphysics, is intricate indie for dancefloor diehards. Kate Stein pulls you into her sonic web with pure auroral energy. Pulsating arpeggiated rhythms combine with pumping beats and a symphony of rousing effects and triggers, sweeping you away on a glimmering voyage, soaring gloriously through metaspace.

Next, German powerhouse duo New Hook serves you an unforgettable, desire-driven remix of Mentalphysics. Their distinctive vocal elements, take you to the brink of engulfing emotion, entrapping you in their own dangerous yet sensual cold-wave universe.

Elfenberg then delivers you a driving, acid-fueled remix of Mentalphysics. Ramping up the tempo, the potency of the beats works in conjunction with a raucous low end. His driving acid line shrouds the original with his well-loved groovy aesthetic.

Looking for Vegus starts with a throbbing, undulating low, and moody end. Crisp claps and shakers lead you by the hand across the River Styx into a wrenching melancholic environment. Underworldly undertones drag you further in, before bright, beautifully blended stabs drag you back into the sunlight.

Niv Ast reworks Looking for Vegus, energetically embarking into nostalgic and uplifting territory, adding his own stirring vocal. Guitar samples are complemented by heavy layers of driving percussion, providing a joyful yet soulful and emotive melody.

Kate Stein explains: This EP was inspired by my time spent in Joshua Tree National Park. It embodies an experiential method of self-realization: A practical execution of the oneness of life, embodied in all substance, energy, and thought.

Release date: November 17th, 2023.


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