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Darkness and light. Stagnation and evolution. A complex duality that accompanies us throughout our existence. “Dark Night” represents stagnation, anger, and destruction. A dark acid bass slowly evolves and creates tension. Apocalyptic pads remind of fear and hopelessness. “Speira” (Spiral in ancient Greek) symbolizes the continuous motion and evolutionary journey into this existence.

Various melodic patterns melt together and create a sense of hope, the piano allows for a moment of reflection which then evolves again into a dynamic acid synth, keeping the evolution ongoing. The EP is also composed of two sophisticated remixes, Outis and the well-known Nakadia have reinterpreted the original tracks, offering ambient and electronic break sonorities with new dancefloor killing vibes.

01. Katnada – Dark Night
02. Katnada – Dark Night (Nakadia Remix)
03. Katnada – Speira
04. Katnada – Speira (Outis Remix)

Release date: May 18th, 2022.


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