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Two years on since his latest incursion on Stil vor Talent with ‘The Pictures’, Switzerland-based producer Kellerkind turns in his newest four-tracker, ‘Forest Mystery’. Delving in his natural inclination towards mystique-imbued tribal sounds, this new effort packs a serious Afro-futuristic kind of punch, laced with a powerhouse hi-tech feel bound to cut a path of devastation across the dance floors. Fully designed and kitted out to meet the requirements of extensive DJ use, this new package lets its whirlwind of polyrhythmic boogie and cosmic groove do the talk as Kellerkind ushers us in a blazing furnace of sorts.

Where the title-track ‘Forest Mystery’ flexes a bouncy swagger flush with middle-eastern tropes – including some fiery darbukkah solos, and nicely complemented by classic piano house stabs, flamenco-informed clapping, and a hi-intensity buildup to rev it all with irresistible club impact, ‘Karinda’ treats us to a further hypnotic sequence of stripped-back East Coast grooviness and dubbed-out sensuality, bridging the gap between loungey house and proper ritualistic music thanks to spellbinding shaman-like vocal samples out the foggiest jungle.

On ‘Mantra’, a more aggro, industrial-flavoured verve echoes far and wide, ready to take on any sound system with both that typically intoxicating vox hoodoo wrapping itself around a thunderous techno backbone. Giving us a taste of eternity on the nostalgic closer ‘Time’, Kellerkind pulls out a massively emotional firework of Prophet-6-powered space dementia and intricate drum programming, laced with an unstoppable bass-driven landslide devouring everything in its wake, making clear ‘Forest Mystery’ dwells in the club and nowhere else. Set your woofers to 11 and blast away.

Release date: August 25th, 2023.


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