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Support from Joris Voorn, Nick Stoynoff, Anthony Pappa, Chris Cargo, Blake Jarrell, Amare, Luis Paris, Alex Neri, Joe Doherty, Matt Bold, Ignace Paepe, Richard Coombes, and Ziger.

Kick Fill delivers his latest ‘Prisoner Of Your Own Will’ on his own Portal label, based between in Oxaca and Mexico Cit, fusing the traditional with the big city vibes.

Kick Fill has been delivering the goods, and each release is increasing with musical intensity and is constantly on the up. Supporters of the label lately have included Luna Semara, Olympe, Aubrey Fry, Maceo Plex, Nick Stoynoff, Noel Sanger, Tim Penner, Soundexile, Blake Jarrell, Nicolas Rada, Andy Woldman, Gadi Mitrani, Spencer Brown, Kiz Pattison, Alex Neri.

The title track ‘Prisoner Of Your Own Will’ is a throbbing and warm infectious peak time slab of melodic goodness, packing a punch and delivering the warmth, while the second track ‘Learning From Mistakes’ takes us deeper yet adds some dirtiness underpinning the big blippy melodies, wrapped up in a blanket of feel-good vibes.

Release date: May 17th, 2024.


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