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The steel-clad spires of a glistening metropolis shift into focus before your eyes as the portal before you unveil a vision of a civilization victorious. Borne are you now not unto a mystical realm dominated or destroyed by nature but one that is demonstrative of the full potential of intelligent lifeforms quite similar to your own species’ specifics Vast luminescent locales lie in wait in the foreground before you as a network of titanium-alloyed transit structures take travelers to and from amidst the endless urban expanse. Above it all, a familiar dusk settles slowly upon the sky-scraping structures, promising novel delights in the new life that night brings to such a city as this.

What sorts of creatures might the denizens of this dense urban landscape be? What delicacies, delights, and dalliances might be found amidst its night markets and beneath the pervasive pinkish-amber glow of its glittering lights? The portal lies open before you – will you accept the Serpent’s invitation into this iridescent world of alien splendors?

VISION SERPENT opens the portal to their third release with a sleek single from LAMPE entitled FIGURE IT OUT as the German artist contributes his otherworldly sounds to the label’s expanding catalog. The single’s neon-tinged A-side delivers a skillfully concocted shot of shimmering techno, whilst its companion B-side “Watch Out” wraps a shadowy set of synthetic textures around a driving bassline sure to manipulate the movements of every ear that it touches.

Release date: December 1st, 2023.


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