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Although sound is his medium, what is seen is central to Larionov’s new 12′; I Want To Believe. After scanning the heavens, the Russian producer lands with six tracks that encompass a spectrum of electronics. A glistening dawn of bright melodies and murky basslines introduces ‘Morning Lite’, crisp percussion adding balance and ballast.

Aquatic lines and soulful arcs are at the core of ‘Across The Sky’ before the bold synth stabs and rasping rhythms of ‘Eternal Twilight.’ Illuminating the flip is the sci-fi inspired ‘Strange Lights’ with the eclipsing shades and tones of ‘Shadows’ darkening speakers while igniting floors. The close is the future gazing ‘Space & Time.’ Fluid strings, reverberating arpeggiators, and vocoder lyrics are kept in check by incising snares in this superb finale.

Release date: October 31st, 2023.


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