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This initial offering in a series of four planned releases for 2024 by Rainforest Music marks the beginning of a year dedicated to showcasing artists from the Pacific Northwest and putting them on the international stage. All releases throughout the year will spotlight talents from this region.

The inaugural release, titled “Gumbo for the Soul,” unveils the collaborative work of Lee Houser. Lee Houser is a fusion of Jon Lee, a revered figure in the Seattle underground scene, and Simon Houser, a talented and passionate producer. Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, this release contributes to the rich tapestry of the West Coast sound, blending dynamic beats, 90s nostalgia, tech house, and infectious rhythms into a harmonious experience.

Rainforest Music is revealing a special treat with this premiere—a captivating remix by Andromo. Renowned for his ability to reinvent sounds and create immersive experiences, Andromo takes the essence of “Gumbo for the Soul” and transforms it into a groovy dance version. The remix promises to elevate the original’s magic to new heights, offering a mesmerizing journey for music enthusiasts and dance floors alike. Andromo is currently working on a series of EPs to be released later in 2024.

With “Gumbo for the Soul” leading the way, Rainforest Music embarks on a musical odyssey, weaving together the threads of local talent, global influences, and the timeless rhythms of the Pacific Northwest. The stage is set for a year of impactful new music, promising to leave a unique mark on the musical map of 2024.

Release date: February 2nd, 2024.


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